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Everything you need to know about using our services

Do you carry out any garment repairs or alterations?2021-06-07T22:44:40+01:00

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer a repair or alteration service

Is a “same-day” dry cleaning service available?2021-06-01T19:19:44+01:00

Yes, although we appreciate it if our customers give us as much time as possible to ensure we have enough time to obtain the best results for them it is absolutely possible to clean items within the same day.

Can I park outside the shop to collect my order?2021-06-21T23:33:35+01:00

There is a loading bay directly outside the shop. This is the most common way that items are dropped off and collected.  We are able to serve customers quickly to and from the loading bays.

I completely forgot about the items I dropped off for cleaning, will you still have them?2021-06-01T19:18:27+01:00

If an item has been left for a considerable period of time we endeavor to give the customer a courtesy call to remind them that we still have their items and they are ready for collection. If the items remain un-collected after this we eventually disperse un-collected items to various charities.

I have lost my ticket, can I still collect my items?2021-06-01T19:17:40+01:00

When you deposit your items with us, the transaction is logged onto the till system along with a few customer details. This means we are usually able to find the order and return it to the correct customer without the ticket. It is however quicker to retrieve an order with the ticket and without it we may struggle to locate your order.

Should I treat the stain myself?2021-06-21T23:33:55+01:00

In most cases it is best to bring the garment with the stain to us as quickly as possible from the time the stain occurred in an un-treated state. This gives us the best possible chance to remove the stain successfully for you without causing any damage to the material.

Will my items be ready to wear when I collect them?2021-06-01T19:16:27+01:00

All items once they have been cleaned are professionally pressed and hand finished and ready to wear.

Do I pay for my items when I drop them off for cleaning?2021-06-01T19:16:04+01:00

No, the normal procedure is for customers to pay for the items they have had cleaned upon collection.

Can you hold on to my curtains whilst I decorate?2021-06-01T19:14:41+01:00

Yes it is very common for us to clean curtains whilst a room or rooms are decorated and store them for a couple of weeks whilst the paint dries.

Do you dry clean fur coats?2021-06-01T19:14:08+01:00

We can clean the majority of fur fabrics but we may need to inspect the item at the shop counter before we accept it for cleaning to confirm.

Do you have to book clothes in before you visit?2021-06-01T19:13:39+01:00

No, simply drop your items off.

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